Our Progress

October 3, 2015- Application submitted to CCAI

October 12, 2015- Acceptance into program

October 19, 2015- First Home Study meeting

October 29, 2015- Received news that our Home Study agency was no longer offering adoption services

November 6, 2015- Began our Home Study process with a new agency!

December 9, 2015- Home study paperwork turned in

December 20, 2015- first home study meeting with our social worker

February 23, 2016- Home study complete

February to June 2016- Paper chasing!

July 19, 2016- dossier certified by state

July 25, 2016- dossier papers certified by Chicago Chinese Consulate

August 8, 2016- dossier delivered to DC Chinese Consulate

August 19, 2016- dossier arrives at our agency

August 26, 2016- dossier review complete

August 29, 2016- dossier to CHINA!

September 1, 2016- logged in dossier- LID



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