How you can pray for us

Funding- We are nearing the end! Only $5,000 to raise until we reach fully funded! God has used YOU to get us to where we are. We are confident that he will lead us to the rest of funding.

Our child!- Haylee is waiting for us in China. She does not know us, or the world she will soon be thrown into, but we love her already. We pray for her daily protection until her Mommy and Daddy can get to her. We pray that it the rest of our paperwork process moves swiftly and smoothly so as not to cause further delays.

THE PAPER CHASE- It’s never ending. But we can sorta see the end. Sorta. Pray that the final pieces move quickly!

Our sanity! This has been the hardest, most stressful thing we’ve ever done. The been-there-done-that parents keep encouraging us! “Keep going! It’s SOOO worth it!” So we keep moving. But can I be honest and say some days, lots of days, it is HARD! So hard. Like, want to quit hard. And then I see her face. Her smiling, squishy cheeks on my computer screen. So I take another deep breath, and jump back on the phone to keep pushing through. We covet your prayers for this!




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