Here we go!

15 months ago (almost to the day!) we signed an application to adopt. Sometimes that feels like a lifetime ago. Sometimes it feels like last month… It has consumed so much of our life in those 15 months. Lots of “ups” a few “downs”. The emotions are across the board.

And yet we made it! Tomorrow we leave for Beijing. Off we go as a family of 4 to collect our 5th. I’m having all the emotions that I did with each of our babies. With our first it was “our last night as just a couple”. Were we crazy? Did we really want a baby? Of course we did… but our life was fine the way it was right? And yet, the next day we could never imagine going back. Right before Caden was born I remember thinking, “why are we doing this? Life with Alexis is fine the way it is! Are we crazy??” And then the next day, we couldn’t imagine going back. And here I am again. Life as the Tanner 4 has been awesome. Did we make the right choice? Of course we did! And we can’t wait to get to China. But life is going to change yet again. And I know the day after we finally get our sweet Haylee that we yet again will never remember how we ever had life without her.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel! We have lots of adventures in front of us. Our kids are so very excited to meet their sister. But they are apprehensive about the long plane ride, the strange food we might have, the squatty potties (EEK!), the Asian people staring at the little blondies… their list goes on and on.


Please pray especially for little Haylee. She has “met” us on Skype a few times, and seems to love our picture books that we sent her. We’re hopeful that she will recognize us, yet we are very aware that she is being brought to a strange city building by a lady who is not her normal caregiver and walking into a room of different looking Mommas and Babbas (Daddies) who will all be crying and fussing over their new children. A scary experience for sure. Pray that her little world has a smooth transition into the Tanner family. We know this will take months for her to settle in with us. It’s a long road but we cannot wait to get started.


THANK YOU to each of you who have prayed for our family, come to our fundraising events, mailed us cards, and supported us with your finances and your words. We would never have made it through the last 15 months without you. This little girl has been a labor of love from our whole tribe! We cannot wait for each of you to meet her. We ask for some space when we get home. We hear jet lag is no joke!! And Haylee will need some time to adjust to every single thing in her world changing. But when she’s ready, we’ll be out and about. Sharing her sweet China cheeks with all of you. We love you all so! Hugs to you each.

~Nick and Bryanna



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