So When Are You Going?

This is by far probably the most common question we have been asked this past month.  We appreciate everyone trying to stay informed so they know how they can pray. So to answer the question, we don’t exactly know, but we do have an idea.

We have a few more documents that are getting approved in China and then our agency will create a travel schedule.  Based on the time frame of other families adopting from China withCS.gif our same agency, we will probably leave in about three weeks. We will be in China for about 2 1/2 weeks.  Looking at the calendar, there is a good chance we will be in China for Christmas. So, just like in the movie the Christmas Story, we may be having Chinese for dinner on Christmas Day.

Bryanna also got connected to someone on Facebook that works in Haylee’s orphanage from time to time.  We have been so thrilled to receive new pictures and know that she is being cared for.  We sent over a few packages in the past few months, but we never knew if she had received them. Michelle, the angel that knows our child, made sure Haylee recPackages.jpgeived her packages (which were in storage) and sent us pictures of her opening them.
We are in the process of even finding a time to Skype with Haylee a few times before we travel. We also know that Haylee was unaware of us adopting her until now. Hopefully, that smile on her face is saying, “Yes! I have a forever family!”

We are beyond blessed this Christmas season and continue to covet your prayers as we begin to prepare to travel. Here are a few prayer requests from us:

  1. Final paperwork completed in a timely manner
  2. No sickness while in China
  3. Alexis is nervous about flying over the ocean and a long flight
  4. Haylee being receptive to us from taking her away from her “home”

Nick Tanner


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