From snail’s past to warp speed!

The past several months, I feel like our adoption has been moving at a snails pace. Maybe even slower than that. I wrestled hard with it. Why would God be delaying this process? We are trying to rescue a child for goodness sakes! But it was one delay after another. We’d submit a form only to have the state department not process it. Or process it incorrectly. We had tracked mail somehow still be lost. We had to re-do several forms. Delay, delay, delay. Lord give me patience! And then He’d give us a delay. It was maddening. (PS- don’t ever pray for patience…. it only leads to bad things… 🙂 )

We FINALLY got to send off our big ‘ol stack of papers to our agency at the end of August. All lined up with those beautiful notary stamps, state seals, and Chinese Consulate stamps. They brought tears to my eyes! The struggle was REAL to get each of those forms processed.



8/19: Dossier received at our agency

8/26: Critical review done

8/29: DTC!!! Dossier to China! It was party day for sure!


9/1: LID… Logged in Dossier! Our papers are officially in the Chinese system. Whewph!

Suddenly, each day its anther approval showing up in my inbox. Can I just say that approvals are SO much better to receive than a “I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to re-do the… form.”

We have also been zooming forward on funding! As of 3 weeks ago, we had $8,500 still to raise to be able to get to China. God has opened some amazing doors. We’ve had checks show up in the mail; friends offering to run a fundraiser for us; a grant for $2,500 awarded to us; and another opportunity that may come through this weekend for us. God IS making a way for us to get to our daughter. We are now around the $5,000 mark.

So everyone’s question to us these days: “WHEN ARE YOU TRAVELING???”  If it could have been yesterday, it wouldn’t have been soon enough. On 9/9 we went through an excruciating day… her birthday… without us. If we could have been to China on 9/8, this Momma would have loved it. But- God’s timing is always best, even if we don’t know why yet. Our best guess is November travel. It’s a moving target. Submit a form,wait for processing. When it’s done, submit another form, wait for more processing. So please pray for everything to move so swiftly that our eyes keep spinning!

Every one of you reading this post have been so encouraging to us and such a support system during this process. We cannot say thank you enough. At the beginning of this process I had thought it would be so cool to write down everyone’s name who helped us bring Haylee home in her baby book. Well guess what? It won’t fit. We have a list of names, and it’s hundreds. We are overwhelmed of how God has cared for His children. We are humbled to be His hands in this. Love to you each! We cannot wait to introduce you each to our daughter!

Yue Ling



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