Her name is no longer “orphan”

On June 7th I saw her. Did you see my previous posts? June 4th I wrote about how I felt at a breaking point of waiting. And on June 7th God brought her into my heart. I saw her and I knew. My heart started racing. I couldn’t breathe. I KNEW. I had been praying for a very clear confirmation when I saw my son or daughter. Because how else could I handle seeing so many faces waiting for a mom and dad to love them and say “no” to so many but “yes” to only one?? I read the description with her picture and she fit our family so well. She loves to sing and dance. So does her big sister. She loves to be outside. So does her big brother! And her birthday? September 9th. The day after her big brother’s. And ironically, the day that I have been saying for several years should have been the day my second child was born. Big sis- 12/12. Caden- 9/8. Should have been 9/9 to keep it easy for this Momma! And here she is… my 9/9 baby that my heart knew was out there. 🙂 After a few days of praying and reviewing her medical file with local doctors, Nick and I invited her to be a part of our family. On June 23rd, we recieved approval back from China. She is ours! She is no longer called “orphan”. She has a Mom, a Dad, a brother and sister, and SO many friends and family waiting to welcome her home. She will be called Haylee. We love you sweet girl.




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