Records Were Meant to be Broken

Throughout our adoption process we have tried to come up with fundraisers that show what we are passionate about.  Over the holidays, Bryanna (and her mother) baked for hours and hours to provide cheesecakes.  With your support, it was a big hit!

Many of you know that at times, I have been obsessed with Chick-Fil-A.  So it only made sense to have a fundraiser with them.  When Bryanna asked the marketer about the possiblity she said, “Do you think you guys have a large enough support system for this?”  Well, I must say, this fundraiser was also a big hit!  Today, the marketer called Bryanna and said, “This is the biggest fundraiser that we have ever had.” IMG_7942

Records were meant to be broken.  And it was all because of you who supports us with your prayers and generositiy each and every day.  Yesterday, we saw people show up for lunch and dinner, we saw people buy food to deliever to others, we saw a catering order, we saw people invite friends, we saw everyone posting comment and pictures to help with our marketing.It was all because of YOU that this fundraiser was such a success.

Throughout the day, Bryanna and I were surprised, humbled, excited, amazed, and overwhelmed at how many people came to support us. After a bumpy few weeks, it was great encouragment for the both of us. We tried to take pictures of everyone we knew supporting us.  Sorry if we didn’t see you!

If you were unable to make it and still would like to support us financially, you can make a donation here. Thank you all so much for your continued support, love, and prayers.


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