Remember that big stack of paper? Yep, we got that all turned in to our Home Study agency- Holt International- at the beginning of December. We had our first meeting with our social worker, Colleen, last week, amidst the Christmas parties and wrapping paper. We will have 2 more meetings with Colleen and then she will have the gigantic job of turning those 80+ pages, and her notes from our meetings, into a 25 page document all about our family. We are hoping to have that completed by mid-February.

We are also working on parent training videos. All adoptions that are Hague accredited (basically all adoptions these days!) require 10 hours of web-based training on how to parent your child when you return home. Things like how to help them adjust to a new family, how to bond with Mom and Dad, special needs, etc. China also requires us to have an additional 2 hours of web-based training about their country. We have learned a VERY brief overview of their leaders, their celebrations and customs, and the people of their land. We have completed 5 classes so far- 7 more to go.

After we have that huge report back from Colleen, we will start adding to it all of our “official” documents- birth certificates, marriage certificate, letters from CPA’s, etc, along with our official “application” to China. All of these papers have to then be notarized with our signatures. Then they have to be sent to the State of Illinois to certify that the notary is an official notary. Then we have to take it all to downtown Chicago to a Chinese consulate building to certify that the State seal is accurate. THEN, we send it all to China to be approved as an adoptive family. Throw in 10 trillion other details, and we will officially be ready to be matched with a child! WHEW!

We are also in the works of planning a few more fundraisers… so stay tuned! As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support!


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